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webpagepics-0061Welcome to HomeownerBOB. This site is dedicated to the preservation of the biggest investment most of us have. As a homeowner, periodic inspection and preventative maintenance (PM) are the easiest ways to protect the value of your property. Waiting for it to break before you fix it is human nature, but can be very expensive. Many times, early detection can also allow for a quick and simple resolution. 

Try calling a plumber on Christmas Eve to replace a broken water heater for starters? Having a good straight forward plan and a little time on a monthly basis can save the average homeowner a tremendous amount of money, time and stress.

There are hundreds of “Do It Yourself” sites dedicated to helping the homeowner replace a faucet, repair a toilet or replace an electrical outlet but little focusing on early detection, problem analysis or preventative maintenance. HomeownerBob is kind of like the owners manual that comes with your car. Don’t think you have to be an experienced “Do It Yourselfer” to use this site, HomeownerBOB provides detailed explanation in common easy to understand terminology. So if you decide to hire out the work or DIY, HomeownerBOB hopes to educate you on  important  items to keep you home in Tip-Top condition.

HomeownerBOB provides insider tips on most all of the important elements in the typical home. You will not only know what to inspect, what to look for, what’s normal or abnormal. Additionally, in-depth information on what preventative maintenance can be performed to keep your home in good working condition. How do you know if that crack in the shower is something to worry about? Is it an indication of a structural issue or just seasonal dry out? HomeownerBOB hopes to help with these type issues.

Over the years numerous people have mentioned to me that it can be dificult to distinguish the difference between critical and not so critical repair issue, and that consulting with home repair professionals can add to the confusion. My hope is that HomeownerBOB will fill that void allowing you to make wise educated decisions about the preservation of your property.

If you don’t have time to read the posts as they are published, thats okay! Look for “Seasonal Reminders” that will include the various inspections that are appropriate. Each “Seasonal Reminder” will include links that will connect you to the correct article.   The easiest way to keep up with the posts is to click the “subscribe” button over on the right.

Good luck,


 You may contact me directly at homeownerbob@gmail.com

7 Responses to What is HomeownerBOB

  1. Michael Stone says:

    Awsome web site Bob! I will definitely check this out at home.

  2. Theo Hronas says:

    I had a quick question. My brother speaks highly of you. My home has a standard gas water heater, with probably a 50 foot run from the heater to the shower. It usually takes about 5 minutes to get hot water. Is there anything I can do to improve that situation?


    • homeownerbob says:

      Theo, You have a couple of choices. Both of them can be expensive.1) A hot water re-circulator. This keeps the hot water moving throughout the system so it will allow for instant on (hot water). 2) a tankless water heater (at the shower). I would probably price both of them. You might be surprised as to which is a better deal. After first cost, you may find the re-circulator may cost more as it will cause your hot water heater to run more often. In principle, the re-circulator makes the hot water pipes part of the hot water tank, allowing for instant access to the hot water. On the other hand, adding the tankless hot water heater may be problematic due to location. I have found the tankless waterheaters to reduce my monthly gas bills. However, installation can be expensive if it requires additional gas lines or larger gas lines.

  3. HomeOwnerBob,

    I love your blog! Thank you for all the useful information. I’ve come to rely on you’re information as a trusted expert and valuable resource. Sharing the information in the professional and informative manner you do not only helps me as a personal homeowner, it also helps to the entire community; and that is an immeasurable and priceless contribution you provide!

    Kudos for staying the course and being such a trusted resource!

    Thank you immensely. You are appreciated.

    Hallie Waller

    • homeownerbob says:

      Thanks so much for your comments and compliments. Its great to know that I am conveying the messages I intended.

  4. Lin Tura says:

    Thanks for the great service to fellow homeowners!
    I will be replacing bathroom faucets soon and I was
    wondering what the difference was between high and low arc faucets..do you have a preference? Also, in one bathroom I need to use a 17″ depth cabinet with an undermount sink….what are your feelings about a wall mount faucet? The plumber says there isn’t room for a conventional one….
    I look forward to and appreciate any advice you can
    send my way!

    • homeownerbob says:

      Thanks for the comments. I hope I understand your questions correctly.
      1. High Arc faucets. I assume like the one in this link? http://www.pfisterfaucets.com/bath/Product/048-E0BC.aspx#. If so; no real technical differences. its just personal prefernce. Personally, we have high arc in both bathrooms. There are some people in my family that like to drink water straight out of the faucet after teeth brushing, and it can make it real easy…
      2. 17 in Cabinet question: Not real sure about this one. I will qualify my response based on these assumptions. 1) this is an existng home with the fixtures to go in the same general location. 2) Plumbing pipes for this fixture currently come out of the wall under the existing sink. 3) De to the size of cabinet there may not be enough room for a counter top fixture.
      Okay with all that said, here is what I have;
      1. To bring the pipes out of the wall at a different location, will add some $$ (on existing home, if its new construction, no issue) to the cost of your project that would not be an issue with surface mount fixtures were still used.
      2. If there is not enough room for the fixtures between the sink and back splash, consider offseting the fixtures to one side. Plumbing wise this should not be an issue. But if there are drawers in the way.. that would be an issue.
      3. Wall mounted: For lavatory bathroom faucets, your choices will be limited… as you dont see a lot of decorative styles.

      If I missed the questions all together, try again and send me some pictures. You can email directly to homeownerbob@gmail.com

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