About HomeownerBOB

HomeownerBOB graduated in 1978 from Texas A&M Commerce with a degree in Industrial Technology. BOB worked for AT&T from 1979 to 2006. Over the years, BOB gained a broad knowledge of the telecommunications industry but most of his career worked in the DC Power side of the business and for the last 8 years worked to define DC Power engineering and equipment standards for the Corporation. In addition to writing engineering and equipment standards, BOB has published articles about DC power plant controllers as well as DC power architecture. BOB has also worked with Underwriters Laboratories on defining fuel cell standards for the telecommunications industry.  Outside of work, BOB has over 27 years of homeowner experience covering the full gambit of topics. A self described “Techno Nerd” BOB has tackled most all the typical do-it-yourself projects and was flipping houses before there was a term for it.  BOB has also served on various homeowner and architectural standards committees and was a licensed home inspector in the State of Texas through the 1980’s.

With his background from AT&T  BOB recognized the value of applying established standards, maintenance schedules & defined measurements as it applies to inspection and preventative maintenance of home-ownership. BOB is an avid researcher and “tire kicker”. BOB continues to look for new ways to capture the most value of any purchase. BOB recognizes and applauds the efforts associated with the GREEN movement and their recognition of the three R’s (reduce, recycle and reuse), but like the house flippers; …. BOB was doing it before there was a name for it.

Published Articles and Appearances:

Battcon Conference presented published paper on “Design Considerations for Distributed DC Applications..”, May 2007


The HomeownerBOB family on HGTV’s, January 2007National Open House

Dallas Morning News article “Dallas Homes Where Green Living Flourishes” , August 2006


 You may contact me directly at homeownerbob@gmail.com

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